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October Offering...

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October has rolled around real fast! In New Zealand its spring...so we're slowly coming out of the grip of an admittedly benign winter. While the church year really runs Feb-Dec, there is something about the onset of the warmer weather that envigorates church life. Anyways, here's what we're giving thanks for (some real good ones this month!)

Praise Points:
  • Last Sunday, a relatively new attender Daniel took huge step towards following Christ - Daniel has been a fringe attender - he recently reconnected through a sports/picnic event - and has come to the worship gathering since then - Daniel actually has a family background with the Seventh Day Adventists but he has been through an intense time of spiritual seeking (reading the Koran etc). He described coming to the cessioncommunity as being the first time the messages really connected with his life!
  • We're celebrating the arrival of another Daniel - the third of our cession babies born this year - 5 to go!
  • Our brother-in-law Brad helped in the filming of a hugely impacting video we are using this month in our Genesis series. This was an opportunity for the building of deeper friendships with our video team guys and an exposure to the gospel.
  • Brett's sister Kim came to the Parenting With Confidence seminar we ran through our Community trust - she even brought a friend!
  • Our Leadership Training Dinners have been going pretty well - some new leaders growing into roles within the community - its exciting seeing the lights go on for people. Brett is enjoying his Leadership small group with Reuben, Jacob and Peter.
  • We've seen new people attend our worship gathering most weeks and are excited about 2 couples new to the area who are in the process of connecting more deeply with the community.
  • Our weekly offerings have nearly doubled since we started! Over 70% of our people have become members! Our small groups are bulging at the seams!
  • Kristen is feeling much better these past few weeks. She has been working hard - including some relief teaching jobs (US translation: substitute teaching). Berkley Hill Wesleyan have also agreed to continue supporting Kristen in children's ministry in 2005. Thank you Lord for your provision!
  • Discussions have begun in earnest concerning Brett's remuneration. It is looking like the church will be able to reach for a full salary in 2005. The potential end to taking part time contracts "on the side" is an appealing one!

Prayer Points:

  • Would you pray for Nick and others like him who are yet to fully trust Christ?
  • We've launched our summer outreach series: encounter - a series of outreach events designed to keep our vision front and centre and provide multiple entry points for people to the life of the cessioncommunity - we're running Connecting (friendship), Supporting (serving) and Reaching (gospel-sharing) events. Check out the website in the next few days for more info.
  • The Light Party - a Halloween alternative for kids - is fast approaching. Its not often that Halloween falls on a Sunday so we're praying that some parents will attend the worship gathering while we serve their kids.
  • Kristen is now working on the Christmas Production: "Its the Truth Ruth" - the kids are excited! Kristen is daunted by how much there is to do!
  • Brett is currently working on a law teaching contract - pray for the sustenance of his spiritual disciplines and physical fitness during this time. Also wisdom in time allocation.
  • Pray for Kristen as she starts to vision-cast for next year's leaders for the KFC ministry in our parent church and also mentors our Kids Ministry leaders in the cessioncommunity as they step up their planning for next year

Thanks to all who continue to support us. We're particularly grateful to the BH congregation. To those who have been financially supporting us this calendar year - thanks for your support and prayer. We're seeing the fruit of your investment.

Brett and Kristen Jones

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