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It seems that "Keeping up with the Joneses" is difficult for even the Joneses! Young Rhys is a delight to his parents but he keeps us very busy so please forgive our lack of consistentcy in posting our prayer letters. Let me allow him to type a few words for you before he has a little tummy time while mommy writes a prayer letter. From Rhys: vzvd,tkr bhjoi g cb b b b b b cd cm b bmgbgn. Mommy will now translate: Thank you for being so good to us by your continued support through gifts and prayer. My family can see how God has taken care of us in the last few months through your love and prayers. Thank you! Love, Rhys. Isn't he an articulate child? We have always thought he was highly advanced.

I will give you a brief Rhys update and then fill you in on our church news and prayer needs:

*started solids 3 weeks ago, loves pumpkin, carrots and apples
*started rolling over a week ago from back to front and scoots himself all around the floor, is now into everything.
*has the most infectious smile and giggle to go along with it
*has started taking naps and going to bed around 7 p.m. as opposed to midnight! (that is mommy's favorite praise report!)
*weighed 8.8 kg or 19lbs 9 oz at his 5 month check up
*loves people and knowing what is going on around him. He has to be in bed by 7 before homegroups or Rhys is up until everyone leaves!

Anyway that is a little about our boy. Thank you for all your prayers concerning him, he is truly our greatest blessing.


*cession community continues to have new seekers coming to check us out (and they want to come back!).

* Ryan and Angele Gerten have joined us from Impact Church, Lowell, Michigan and will be serving with us through to December. They are mainly adding some muscle in our worship and music ministries.

*Kristen has had to let go of some ministries outside the church since taking on the ministry of mommy. Those roles have been filled and it has taken heaps of pressure off of her and her other ministries.

*Our friend Dawn who came over to NZ with Kristen in July 2003 was able to come back this past July and we had a wonderful visit.

*The Wi$e Money seminar was a great success for the people in the cession community. Combined with the Money for Dummies series we are now doing, we have seen several people inspired to get in control of their finances and find freedom in this area of their lives.

*God is providing a way for us to be able to visit friends and family in the States at Christmas time. See the prayer request below for further details.

*We have someone interested in taking over KFC next year for Kristen. We have begun succession planning so she can focus on getting Lil' Lambs and kids encounter running to a higher level for cession community.

Prayer Requests

* cession is taking steps to become an established church. We meet 5 out of the 6 criteria needed to be an establised church. Please pray that we can get that 6th criteria sorted.

*We have been having issues with the teachers of the school where we meet. Please pray that we would have wisdom in dealing with these teachers and that we would find ways to "win" them over.

*Please lift Aimie up in your prayers. She is one of the seekers we have had come to cession in the last two months. Pray that she would find the answers to her questions and that the people she asks these questions would have the words to speak.

*Claire is another seeker who came for the first time two weeks ago and would like to come back. Please pray that any barriers that keep her from coming would be lifted.

*We have had some lower attendances these past 2 weeks (winter/illness/inconsistency) after 2 great months in June and July - some of our "regulars" have been very irregular. We need wisdom in knowing how to motivate people to place a high importance on growing their walk with Christ through attending corporate worship gatherings.

*Many people in the cession communtiy are facing financial difficulty. Keep these people in your prayers as we continue our money series. Pray that through this series and what they have learned in Wi$e Money they won't have to worry about this any more.

Personal Prayer Needs

*We are one of the families facing financial troubles right now and feel that God is calling us to lead by example in this area. This includes selling our house and downsizing our mortage. Some specific prayer needs for this are:

-the selling of our home privately so we will avoid the realtor fees
-getting our house cleaned and the clutter sold in a garage sale so the house looks pristine
-a low maintenance, 3 bedroom home, with ensuite for us to buy
-wisdom in knowing when we have found the right house for us
-comfort in letting go of a house we all love and has so many memories wrapped up in it
-wisdom/provision - should Brett look at employment opportunities in 2006?

*We are feeling somewhat low in our ministries. We have had some people leave or simply drop out of ministries that has left us feeling a bit battle worn. Please pray that God would put his hand of refreshment on us and that He would raise up people to take on new ministries.

Thank you for your prayers. It is comforting to know that people all around the world care for us and are praying for us.
Love and Blessings,
Brett, Kristen and Rhys

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