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Mexican Standoff

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It was either him or me. In the end the burrito lost. Don Pablos Mexican cafe. Outstanding! It all started with Kristen's brother Kent saying, "I'll take you to Don Pablos for some Mexican." I was keen.

So Friday arrives and we're due to catch up for coffee with Ryan and Angele Gerten. We meet at a Starbucks which is located inside a large bookshop, Barnes and Noble - I cite this in my defence in agreeing to meet at a Starbucks. We had a good time. I even managed to get the barista to make me a proper long black. You know you're in a different culture when the flavoured coffees are the easiest thing to find on the price list.

But it was the trip to meet Ryan and Angele that was to uncover the Mexican treasure trove. I spied it from the passenger's seat. I knew that it was my destiny to eat lunch there. So we did. Awesome. They had these options where you got like some of everything. Which I did. Outstanding with guacamole, jalapenos and hot sauce to complement the burrito, enchilada, hard and soft-shell tacos and a variety of other dishes I'd not come across before.

New Zealand needs more Mexican food - thats the kind of campaign bribery that would get my vote.

A host of family and friends calling in over recent days plus Kristen visited her 2 old schools in this area. Still snowing. Drove to Lowell (30 mins) to meet up with Phil Struckmeyer at Impact. Getting back into driving on the wrong side of the road...Got to meet with some of the staff there and hear their stories. Good times.


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