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Leaving On A Jet Plane

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Today is the day...we jump on a plane about 4pm local time and hit the Auckland tarmac (not literally) around 7.30am. The last few days have been a succession of goodbyes which is good because it spreads it out but is bad because it spreads it out.

Last night we went to see Chronicles of Narnia. A good night out. Tilda Swinton was magnificant as the White Witch I thought. Peter was a wimp. The beavers were fun. Some of the fantasy creatures were way cool. Favourite moment: just before Aslan is about to bite the witch's face off and she realises for the first time who he really is.

I am left with a profound question: how come so many Maori are ending up as mercenaries in people's armies these days? In Narnia you've got Shane Rangi as General Otmin (the Minotaur) and Patrick Kake as General Orieus, the Centaur (their face off was pretty cool I thought). This following on from Temuera Morrison turning out to be Boba Fett's Dad (forget the whole "Luke, I'm your father thing") and being like the template for the entire clone army (and subsequently the whole stormtrooper thing).

Deep questions.

See you Kiwis soon...


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  1. Anonymous Frank 

    It's because Once Were Warriors scared the crap out of people.

    To be a little deeper on the matter, war was an inegral part of their race and the men adapted accordingly. They tend to be relatively big and seem to find it really easy to look scary. Plus it looks more exotic.

    Then we could take the negative stance and say it's racism, paint the black guy (or brown in this case) as the bad or tough guy. Since the American public has been brainwashed into equating black people with scary/evil/criminal, it's easier to intimidate them a little with such people.

    In Narnia though, they come across with a regal strength, which of course, is not a negative.

    Highlight of the movie for me was when the witch asked how she could know if Aslan would keep his promise. His reply was a downright scary roar that put that %#$*@ in her place. She cowered quickly. That showed who was boss and showed the more wild side of Aslan.... cause after all, he's not a tame lion.

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